Healing Treatments, classes and Reiki attunements - By John Doonan/ RMT
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            My name is John Doonan.                   
Stonehenge Circle, Salisbury England
being so we all may transform and grow to our fullest potential naturally, easily and with immediate results. Sometimes these results are drammatic and instantaneous and other times subtle and gradual.
I am a natural alternative healer, multi-modality practitioner and lightworker and have dedicated my life to helping myself and others to "see the light" that shines within every living being. We are ever changing in our energetic bodies and our thought patterns.
Sometimes to see and appreciate this gift of light within we must allow ourselves the opportunity to clear out the old, outdated debris and dis-ease and recharge and replace it with the new, clean, gentle and perfect energy of creation and healthier patterns of being. This is the vibrational frequency of Rei-Ki. It is the divinely guided energy of life. This frequency can bring a feeling of peace, relaxation, comfort and holistic healing. It can never cause harm and always guides us to our highest growth and purpose.
Reiki and Karuna Reiki ® work at your pace and the individual recieving healing is always fully in control. Reiki is spiritual, but non-denominational and is available to everyone of all belief systems.
I am a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui/ Tibetan System of healing and am also a certified Karuna ® Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center for Reiki Training. I am additionally trained in levels 1-4 in the Matrix Energetics system of healing and consciousness and am a fully certified practitioner. Add onto this my training as a New Paradigm multidimensional Master healer and Teacher using the Shamballa energy. This modality accesses the aid of the Ascended Masters and embraces the free potential of the "I Am Presence within each of us. I am available for both healings and for training and initiation into Reiki through attunements from level I through IIIb Reiki Master Teacher and also through Karuna ® practitioner and Master levels Iand II.
I am also a NFNLP certified Master Practitioner offering Neuro- linguistic Programming for healing, stress management, motivational programming, smoking cessation, addiction release, Pain Management, compulsion release, guided meditation and many other areas.  I welcome each and all to come heal naturally, to learn, to grow and to appreciate all the gifts life has to offer!
I also offer hypnotherapy, including past life regressions, between life regressions and a limitless number of tailor made possibilities according to individual client need. This helps one to heal, grow and break old patterns, reduce pain or anxiety and feel relaxed and to motivate movement forward into the new you free from restrictions or old negative habits.
 I am also a certified crystal healer and work with sound vibration, mediumship and divination to help people heal and grow in accordance with their chosen path and inner guidance. I am currently available in Duxbury, MA and the south Shore area of Massachusetts by appointment as a healer and teacher. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at JohnDoonan@reikimasterjd.vpweb.com to set up a time. I will travel from Plymouth to Braintree by appointment with advanced notice on Fridays and Saturdays.
 I also have available Spiritual and Quantum healing devices which break up negative patterns or blockages of energy. These are becomming increasingly popular and are selling quick. You maye-mail me with any inquiries and check the "pyramids" page for more details.
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